How to operate a food waste disposer?

Follow these step a grind food waste through an InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer

Operating a food waste disposer

First things first, never place any type of fats, oils, grease in a food waste disposer, or any household drain for that matter.
Those materials collect inside the plumbing pipes and are usually the cause of many plumbing issues.

Here’s a handy link from WaterCare on the best way to get ride of fats, oils and grease: Click Here.

Step One:

Run a steady stream of cool water into the sink before turning on the food waste disposer.

Step Two:

Before placing any food waste into the disposal, turn your food waste disposer on.

Step Three:

Gradually feed food waste into the disposer, avoid putting large amounts of food waste all at once as
this may slow the grinding process.

Step Four:

Once the food waste has been broken down, turn the disposer off.

Step Five:

Let water run for a few seconds to flush the drain pipe then turn tap off.