Delivering filtered chilled water and near-boiling hot water makes it the ultimate side tap.

The ultimate side tap

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Delivering both filter near-boiling and filtered chilled drinking water, it’s perfect for entertaining or just grabbing a quick cuppa or a refreshing glass of chilled water.

The near-boiling filtered hot water comes from the NeoTank®, an easily installed under-sink hot water tank, which plugs straight into a standard wall socket.

The chilled filtered water comes from the NeoChiller®, a compact filter and chiller unit that fits neatly beneath your bench

Compact under-bench chiller for cold filtered drinking water

NeoChiller is a compact filter and chiller unit that fits neatly beneath your worktop and connects to several of our taps. It filters water from the mains supply, removing impurities to ensure a fresh, pure taste. And it cools the water to the perfect drinking temperature, straight from the tap. With NeoChiller there’s no messing around with filter jugs, no lugging bottles of water home from the shops and no plastic waste. It’s better for you, and better for the environment.

  • Small, compact domestic chiller unit
  • Designed for easy installation under the kitchen sink
  • Dispenses up to 7 litres per hour of cold, still water between 3°C and 10°C
  • Filtered to remove impurities and odours, without affecting the waters natural mineral content
  • Ice-bank cooling technology for optimum performance
  • Standard 3-pin plug that plugs straight into a wall socket.
  • CE approved

Plug-in convenience with the NeoTank™

The compact and innovative NeoTankTM delivers near-boiling water for hot drinks and slashes your cooking times with a stream of steaming water for vegetables and pasta dishes. This ingenious unit also comes with an optional connector that allows you to filter your cold water as well, giving you great-tasting filtered water.

  • NeoTankTM is only about the size of a toaster, making it easy to hang on the back wall under your kitchen bench with minimum fuss.
  • The 2.5-litre capacity is easily sufficient for most kitchen tasks while reducing the heating requirement and saving you energy costs.
  • Finger-tip control with a touch-panel display for precise temperature adjustment.
  • Able to run on a standard electrical circuit drawing 5.6AMPs with an element
  • size of 1.3KW.
  • Quiet, energy-efficient operation.
  • Easy installation with tool-free connections and dry-start protection.
  • Standard 3-pin plug that plugs straight into a wall socket.

Filtered water...just tastes better!

All InSinkErator instant hot water taps come with an in-line filtration system using replaceable cartridges. The superfine 5-micron filters reduce impurities and odours, giving you better-tasting water for your water bottle, coffee or tea.

The twist-off/twist-on filter is easy to install and designed so the water automatically shuts off when the filter is removed, eliminating the need for a separate shut-off valve. Depending on local water quality and usage volumes, filter replacement is recommended every 6-12 months.