Easy Iced Coffee

A simple and delicious way to enjoy a refreshing pick-me-up, as coffee is chilled over ice and optionally sweetened or flavored, providing a quick and satisfying way to cool down on a warm day.


Good quality instant coffee
Full cream Milk
Vanilla extract
Maple Syrup (Optional)
Ice Cream (Optional)

Equipment Required

  1. Mug for hot coffee
  2. Tall glass
  3. Long handled spoon
  4. Measuring cups
  5. Measuring spoons


  1. Add instant coffee to a cup and pour over 200ml of nearly boiling water.
  2. Mix until completely dissolved. Allow it to cool to room temperature, or chill it in the fridge.
  3. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour over chilled coffee.
  4. Serve black or fill with 50 ml milk and mix.
  5. Add a little vanilla and maple syrup to sweeten – Ice ream is optional.